I Can’t Talk About This on Social Media! Or Can I? – Post for #iStrategy Blog

I often get jealous of brands that have really open, interesting topics to discuss like the iPad, Google+ or fashion – things that the media and social media can really get behind. 

So what can the other side do?

Back in Amsterdam I posed the question of what to do with products of an intimate nature, things you can’t discuss. Can Zovirax for example ever have an open social media dialogue about their product? Who’d be their brand advocates and do we ever want it to go viral?

Joking aside, if you’re providing services to clients covering some fairly sensitive topics, or have a product that no one really wants to talk about what options do you have to make the most of social media?

The best bet might be to get off topic but not brand, to educate and give away your thoughts. Or decide that your brochure-ware articles need to start thinking about the popularity contest – will they share me? Really?

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