Cold Calls – Please Google Me!

Sorry – a little rant ensues – so please discontinue reading at will.

Does anyone else suffer from endless cold calls? I get at least two a day and the latest two technique are real doozeys. Thankfully I have a reception that check and voicemail most.

But those that do get through are really bad.

Really feels like they are making schoolboy errors.

Calling Home...
Calling Home… by

Some samples

“Hi – its mumble from mumble. I’m calling regarding your ad on mumble dot co dot uk if you could give me a call back on 0207….”

This leaves me vaguely worried that someone in my team has put their “tech guy” on to me to place a banner ad. So I call back to find out it’s a potential slot on the most irrelevant site possible.

“Hi – Its Mumble, just following up on our email chain from December.. can you call me on 0203…”

A chain involves two linked items rather than one piece of unsolicited email BTW.

The next type – approach me about services that at a 30 second glance you would know we don’t need. I’ll say this online again for reference

  •  We have a CMS, CRM, email tool, Social Media tools and are fully staffed.
  • We don’t need branding help.

Google me

The most frequent calls are for rebranding, Social Media and CMS systems.

Those are a little obscure and would take a bit to figure out but how about knowing:

  • I work at a B2B company so don’t need DM consumer emailing lists or B2C services.
  • I work in Digital Marketing, Social Media and Content Strategy so don’t need
    • a yellow pages listing
    • paper stocks
    • reprinting
    • physical storage
    • to change my phone company
    • physical event locations
    • or bus services for that matter.

I work in Digital Marketing so I will ask my networks first if I need an expert. That said – if its innovative and your approach is right…

Rant over, I’m off to check my phone messages and print some reports to fax home. Please add your favourites – I’d love to get a chain started.

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