eCommerce and Classifieds Sites – Tips for Content Marketing

Content Marketing has really taken off over the last few years. Two prime examples being Redbull – powering video and media content into “extreme channels” around the world for B2C American Express Open Forum – a platform for business clients to discuss SME issues. But what has caught my interest this week isContinue reading “eCommerce and Classifieds Sites – Tips for Content Marketing”

Ozone Coffee Roasters – Content Marketing Case Study

Working in a large corporate I often feel jealous of SMBs and their ability to adapt and just run with new ideas. Keep it simple and focus their products and services on delighting their clients. is a fine example of a small company who get online marketing and what it can bring to theirContinue reading “Ozone Coffee Roasters – Content Marketing Case Study”

SoLoMoCo the four essential pillars of online marketing

Digital Marketing has its old favourite acronyms and phrases that marketers, heck anyone online needs to need to understand at a tactical level: SEO, PPC ,CTR, CPA, Long tail, edge rank, to name a few. But at a strategic level there are four characters we should all be focusing on over the next year. SoContinue reading “SoLoMoCo the four essential pillars of online marketing”

Marketing The Unfinished Product

Social Media and sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook live and die on human interactions and engagement. They’re built around our human need to be social. Yet over the last few years many inanimate or slightly animate objects have started to appear on the web. “Speaking” and communicating with us. The Tower Bridge – nowContinue reading “Marketing The Unfinished Product”