5 sources of innovation for your digital marketing

Now as a digital marketer or online marketing specialist, there’s a lot of innovations I need to keep up with. There are technical updates in the various fields of the role: SEO, SEM, social media, content marketing, PR, email marketing and mobile marketing that I need to monitor so that I’m optimising and measuring effortsContinue reading “5 sources of innovation for your digital marketing”

Rights, Critics, Publishers And Social Media In The Music Industry

Last night I attended my first Social Media focused event here in Auckland. Held by the Social Media Club Auckland called ‘Tweet to the Beat – When Music and Social Media Collide’ The evening had some great cider and pizza pre start and then after a short ‘shiny new thing’ segment covering the website 25mostplayed.com,Continue reading “Rights, Critics, Publishers And Social Media In The Music Industry”

Online Analytics – Measuring The Right Thing

All new online initiatives require time, resources and budgets. The more unconventional they may be, the harder it is to tie them to definitive metrics and attribute ROI. Even harder to quantify are the long term benefits of content marketing and social media – for example. One simple measure of success is qualified leads orContinue reading “Online Analytics – Measuring The Right Thing”

What Crazy Chef – Gordon Ramsay – Has Taught Me About Online Marketing

In the background this evening is Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares playing on the TV. For those who have not been blessed with the acne scarred, expletive derived, Michelin star holding master chef – this post is about a restaurant expert coming in to put things right.  How it relates to digital marketing? You’ll see. Gordon isContinue reading “What Crazy Chef – Gordon Ramsay – Has Taught Me About Online Marketing”

Brand Storytelling – Part of a Marketing MIX

This week I received a copy of the book ‘Around The World in 80 Brands’. It’s a great selection of brand stories from around the world as the authoring pair travel and interview the people behind the brands. Letting readers understand what they stand for and how they have come to get where they are.Continue reading “Brand Storytelling – Part of a Marketing MIX”

Rich Snippets and Open Source Architecture

Theres two topics for today’s post, and both on very different streams. The first, rich snippets, is the ability to tell search engines to display text and images, that you provide, in the manner you want, on search engine result pages (SERPs). Hubspot wrote a great article on snippets earlier in the week. The articleContinue reading “Rich Snippets and Open Source Architecture”

Podcast: Sunday thoughts on online and offline cartels

Well this week I have come to the conclusion that I need more practice speaking. As this blog progresses I have begun to feel quite confident in my ability to communicate thoughts and invoke interest from colleagues online. At work I am confident that as a leader my direction and directions are understood and executedContinue reading “Podcast: Sunday thoughts on online and offline cartels”

Social media – Deus ex machina to the digitally disrupted?

I was watching this great what to do with Twitter video this morning and it got me thinking could social media provide the Deus ex machina that many companies are looking for? Andrew Grill covered a report by Deloitte on the notion of Digital Disruption. The report covers industries that are predicted to be hardestContinue reading “Social media – Deus ex machina to the digitally disrupted?”

Mobile – Our Last Chance to Ditch the Ad Fixation!

Interruption is part of our every day life. We battle constantly to find delightful interruptions to the mundane and to fast forward unwanted disruption. As Neville and I discussed this morning.  Marketers KNOW we fast forward ads, have banner blindness, ignore adwords campaigns and hate popups. So fixated on the ad model, eyeballs and exposureContinue reading “Mobile – Our Last Chance to Ditch the Ad Fixation!”

Content Marketing Case Study: Fisher and Paykel – Our Kitchen

Today I thought I would explore a little arm of the online presence of one of New Zealand’s iconic brand names. Our Kitchen is a recipe blog with a great about us intro: Our Kitchen was born from the passion of food, from a group of friends here at Fisher and Paykel. Like any goodContinue reading “Content Marketing Case Study: Fisher and Paykel – Our Kitchen”