Digital Strategy Tip – Ask your clients what they want

Often in B2B digital marketing, we get sucked into the “me too” battle. Our competitors are doing it, so we try to do the same, if not a little better. With a glance the CMO sees that the competitor is “doing social” has twice as many followers or likes and reacts by throwing you aContinue reading “Digital Strategy Tip – Ask your clients what they want”

Co-creation in Social Media, Risky but worth it!

In business and marketing we are seeing a number of co-creation initiatives sprouting up. Partnering on projects, with an upstream or downstream business partner, or even with a competitor for scale, is now common practice. Some lead to acquisitions for the lucky few, and others form powerful networks. I’ve got my headphones on as IContinue reading “Co-creation in Social Media, Risky but worth it!”

Does your brand have a clear crisis management plan?

Each day I hear more and more statistics around the majority of FTSE 100 or Fortune 500 companies getting into social media. The reluctance to allow clients to communicate with brands is being overpowered as it becomes mainstream. Brands that are not on Facebook or Twitter are: At least, feeling the peer pressure. At most,Continue reading “Does your brand have a clear crisis management plan?”

Ozone Coffee Roasters – Content Marketing Case Study

Working in a large corporate I often feel jealous of SMBs and their ability to adapt and just run with new ideas. Keep it simple and focus their products and services on delighting their clients. is a fine example of a small company who get online marketing and what it can bring to theirContinue reading “Ozone Coffee Roasters – Content Marketing Case Study”

SoLoMoCo the four essential pillars of online marketing

Digital Marketing has its old favourite acronyms and phrases that marketers, heck anyone online needs to need to understand at a tactical level: SEO, PPC ,CTR, CPA, Long tail, edge rank, to name a few. But at a strategic level there are four characters we should all be focusing on over the next year. SoContinue reading “SoLoMoCo the four essential pillars of online marketing”

iStrategy post: The Hows & Whys of Using Twitter At Your Live Event

With Twitter users now over 100 Million, exploring its potential to add to engagement at live events is ever more an option for mainstream businesses. Even B2B organisations need to be taking a look. After all — the true reality we face is that of P2P — People to People. Being able to answer thatContinue reading “iStrategy post: The Hows & Whys of Using Twitter At Your Live Event”

Marketing The Unfinished Product

Social Media and sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook live and die on human interactions and engagement. They’re built around our human need to be social. Yet over the last few years many inanimate or slightly animate objects have started to appear on the web. “Speaking” and communicating with us. The Tower Bridge – nowContinue reading “Marketing The Unfinished Product”