Whom would you recommend?

My biggest lesson of 2017? WEAK TIES ARE A GOLDMINE! TL/DR: The more random and diverse my network — the more my career grows and the more exciting (ad)ventures become. Take thirty seconds to think through your conversations in January. Connect your contacts to someone that could help in the comments below. Your network is your net worth 5+Continue reading “Whom would you recommend?”

Podcast 36: Panel Discussion – Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Welcome to episode 36 of the Waiake – My podcast to help you take your brand to new heights online. In this episode I wanted to share with you the wisdom of my three co panellists from the recent Harcourts Real Estate Conference. We talk about digital marketing and using social media to grow your business.Continue reading “Podcast 36: Panel Discussion – Using Social Media to Grow Your Business”

4 tools to help you master B2B social media sales

Earlier this year LinkedIn celebrated reaching 1 million users in New Zealand – or around a quarter of the population. Their growth globally is also impressive at over 277 million members and 2 new members a second. It is no wonder LinkedIn profiles are fast becoming the preferred source of truth – from tradespeople, right throughContinue reading “4 tools to help you master B2B social media sales”

The Future Of Customer Engagement – Ashley Friedlein from eConsultancy

Here’s my rough notes from his presentation at the Alterian Alchemy launch yesterday. I’m hoping his slide deck is out soon! (hint) Ashley broke out with what I thought was a gamification slide first which got me interested. Well I though he did, but just wanted to say the old game is over, here’s versionContinue reading “The Future Of Customer Engagement – Ashley Friedlein from eConsultancy”

Writing content, articles or posts for your website

I’ve read so many great articles and to be honest, can’t compete with @copyblogger when it comes to giving great copy insights. Having said that, I’ve made these as a note to self, a 101 guide for new writers to the web. Let me know your thoughts or comment below. Would it work for yourContinue reading “Writing content, articles or posts for your website”

Light thoughts: A B2B Web Presence

A B2B web presence should be at least a collection of: targeted, integrated, interlinked, ongoing interactions. For a B2B Consultancy to stand out from the masses and warrant a premium price, the company must stand out. Be it for: knowing the most, offering the best service, consistency, innovation or quality. And their Online presence shouldContinue reading “Light thoughts: A B2B Web Presence”

Collaboration of designers and suppliers

Leveraging networks to collaborate @dbasulto posted a great article on @archdaily today http://bit.ly/4T4vDk The post is a great piece of theory any budding entrepreneur should action on. It’s the kind of thing I think all designers in New Zealand could do and the UK/developed markets too. For too long we have tried to compete onContinue reading “Collaboration of designers and suppliers”