Podcast: Agile Development and some surprising upshots with Jason Wills

Agile Project management techniques, lean principles, learning and iterating are things that I’ve become quite passionate about over the last years. Seeing the results that “Going Agile” can bring to an organisation in terms of delivering value to the end user and business value over and beyond traditional methods gets me happy. It makes meContinue reading “Podcast: Agile Development and some surprising upshots with Jason Wills”

The Minimal Viable Post

The MVP epitomises the top layer of Inverted Pyramid with just enough, value, excitement, resonance or information to motivate readers to share it, NOW! Your most important thoughts and work are done first as Agile Marketing encourages us to ship, and ship often. You launch analyse learn and adjust. It is an iterative process, notContinue reading “The Minimal Viable Post”