Using Live Video and Stories

Live Video and Stories can be great tools for activation and real-time storytelling


Local Business Social Media and Online Marketing – To Generate Leads

local business marketing online and social media

Local businesses and salespeople need to really focus more on their online marketing. With the growth in mobile devices there is so much opportunity to have your business found through search engines or shared through social media from anywhere. Even if you're just a local Auckland business marketing to your suburb, you can also be discovered from anywhere. You …

Podcast 36: Panel Discussion – Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Panelists discuss using social media to grow your business

Welcome to episode 36 of the Waiake - My podcast to help you take your brand to new heights online. In this episode I wanted to share with you the wisdom of my three co panellists from the recent Harcourts Real Estate Conference. We talk about digital marketing and using social media to grow your business. …

Driveway moments – how podcasts capture listeners in a content-laden world

With so much digital content competing for our attention in multiple social networks how do brands connect with their audience. What is the key? In this era of disposable content, memes, vines, snaps, whispers, secrets and now 'YO's, many brands are swinging to the polar extreme to keep users attention and to keep them interested. Thankfully …