Initial Audit and Basic Plan

Two simple meetings to understand your current marketing and plan an initial 6 month plan to focus on starting to answer the questions your clients have.

We will even work out our first steps with your blog or newsletter – creating some custom content much like the content I have created for others in my Contently profile.

To ensure we are heading down the right path we’ll use the POST methodology to ensure we have the right strategy. Forrester developed it in 2007 and it’s still the most methodical way to look at any online endeavour. Here are the elements.


  • Who are you targeting?
  • What are they already using?
  • How are they using it?
  • Who do they already interact with?
  • Where will they want to talk to you?


  • What will you be doing?
    • Listening (you monitor)
    • Talking (you publish)
    • Energizing (you connect others)
    • Supporting (you provide tools)
    • Embracing (you collaborate)


  • What will change?
  • How will you know it changed?
  • How will your organization change in response?


  • What technology or technologies
    will help you reach your customers
    to bring about that change?
  • Think of the user experience not just that “we need a: blog, newsletter, app, facebook page, website etc, because everyone else has one”.

For a flavour of what aprt of your initial audit could look like – check out my free digital audit tool.

I’d love to help coach you and your team to create a pathway to excel in marketing.

So call or contact me and we can get your content marketing humming!

I would love to hear your views!

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