MY NOW PAGE (updated 13th  January 2017).


  • Leading the sales and marketing team at EDENZ Colleges to expand student enrolments in our local and international markets.
    • Implementing Agile Marketing and Agile Sales with my team of 18.
    • Leveraging: Paid, Earned and Owned Media; Content Marketing; Marketing Automation; Multi-Channel Marketing and rigorous CRO.
  • Open to advise, coach or create editorial for anyone in the following areas: marketing strategy, enterprise social networks, Agile project management and content marketing. Here’s a taste of my writing portfolioContact me.
  • Building:IMG_0253.JPG
    • Our plot and foundations are prepared and we’re building a home with Golstruct / Golden Construction.
    • We have a house number now too. 37 Syd Grant Crescent, Orewa.
    • Plans were approved by council in November, FINALLY!
    • Foundations are down and trusses arrived this week.
    • I  have until Mid 2017 to build some cabinetry, bed bases and a custom garden shed for the Guinea pigs.


  • Hoping to launch WOL circles with my team and potentially as an elective in our courses.
  • noun_3516Exploring the notion of Teal Organisations – Gaining a better understanding of this and how I can leverage it in the future.
    Working my way through Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux.
  • stand-up-deskInitial discussions with  Jeremy Hansen around BauGruppe home ownership in New Zealand. Exploring further. Goal – a meetup soon for interested parties.
    • of note – one group have done this for their mentally disabled children to have support from a like minded group of parents and extended family.
    • Here is a guide to BauGruppe PDF.
  • noun_575409_ccThinking through how to start a school and residential care centre for kids with Autism. Here are my thoughts so



  • noun_575409_ccFinding a way for our Autistic son Oli (and other children who cannot care for themselves) to be cared for when we pass ! important.
    • There’s loads to explore, including but not limited to: funding, governance, security and succession planning.


  • How I can leverage my fluency in Portuguese and Spanish more?
  • How can I use my travels to help others? Solved 2 ( Working in an international school).
  • How can I rapidly learn more Russian?


  • Upping my arm & core strength to carry Oli (currently 2X a week – should be daily).
    • 80 sit-ups with 30kg weight bag
    • 80 push ups
    • 10 dips
    • 10 pull ups
    • 10 legs to bar lifts
  • Keep going Get back into lunchtime jogs (currently 1 or 2X a week, should be daily).
    • Current pace – 10k in under 50mins.
  • Refining my LCHF diet (20 KGs lost, far more energy – Guys this is one great diet. Women, it needs tweaks to be sustainable)
  • Experimenting with various Kimchee recipes and intermittent fasting.


  • My constant focus – my wife Tamara, who’s watching the boys in this shot.

I would love to hear your views!

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