NOW – Current focus

Updated 13th December 2019


Head of Marketing at FileInvite  – client document collection. On the road to one million users.

I’m running Agile Marketing to continuously iterate and improve our global marketing. Scrums and weekly retrospectives help me manage: ATL ( Radio, Print, Social Media and TV), web, sales, email, engineered, content marketing and community building.

Constantly iterating for sustainable growth



Pull-up rings.
Studio cabin.
Beach house.
BauGruppe community project. 
Standard Garden shed
Deck, and landscaping our house.
12 tonnes of shells and 100 plants.
Sewing curtains.
Retaining wall and seat.
Raised beds.
Standing desk.
Epic huge 4 meter kids swing.
Shade sail.


  • Thinking through how to start a school and residential care center for kids with disabilities.
    • Here are my thoughts/plans so far: I need help with: funding, governance, security and succession planning (everything basically).
    • The goal is to create a space where our Autistic son Oli (and other children who cannot care for themselves) can be cared for THRIVE when we pass.


In Praise of Shadows
What the Fast
Reinventing Organisations
The Side Project Report

Do Open
Running with the Kenyans
Rise of the UltraRunner
Never Eat Alone
Nice Companies Finish First 
Let My People go Surfing
Ego Is The Enemy
The Obstacle Is The Way
Perennial Seller
Lean Startup
Finding Ultra
Tools of Titans
Extreme Ownership
Hacking Growth 
Sun Tzu – Art of War For Executives
Good to Great
Working Out Loud
What the Fat and What the Fast
Sapiens and  Homo Deus.



LCHF diet with pro and pre biotics. Kombucha, Cider Vinegar, Russian sauerkraut and intermittent fasting.

Ultra Marathon

Member of the Night Ninjas

Preparing for next Ultra-Marathon with at least a 5 kilometer run every day.
Current PBs:

December 2019

  • 5k 21:00
  • 10k 47:5
  • Omaha Half Marathon 1:41:19
  • Auckland marathon 3:31:40
  • 50k 4:52:34
  • 100K 11:16:10

June 2019

I would love to hear your views!

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