NOW – Current focus

Updated 28th January 2018


Leading the sales and marketing team at EDENZ Colleges to expand student enrolments in our local and international markets.

  • Continuously improving Agile Marketing with daily scrums and weekly retrospectives for print, web and social media refinement. Balancing regulatory requirements with customer-centric content marketing. Our mix? A blend of hyper-targeted micro-campaigns, marketing automation, and rigorous CRO.
  • Continuously improving Agile Sales with my team of 13. Weekly scrums and retrospectives around knowledge transfer, scripts, and performance.
  • Focused on holding space for self-management, wholeness at work and challenging the status quo.
  • Realigning business strategy and rebranding. Yes, with all that it entails. From strategy to execution.



DIY wannabe

    • Creating a deck, and landscaping our house. 12 tonnes of shells and 100 plants.
    • Sewing curtains.
    • Retaining wall and seat.
    • Raised beds.
    • Custom garden shed.
    • Epic huge swing.
    • Pull-up rings.
    • Shade sail.




    • Searching opportunities to drive Teal and DDO initiatives in the work environment.
    • Wanting to talk to developers about BauGruppe home ownership in New Zealand (a guide to BauGruppe PDF) and micro, multi-unit developments.
    • Thinking through how to start a school and residential care center for kids with Autism. Here are my thoughts/plans so far: I need help with: funding, governance, security and succession planning.  The goal is to create a space where our Autistic son Oli (and other children who cannot care for themselves) can be cared for THRIVE when we pass.


    • Reinventing Organisations
    • Never Eat Alone
    • Makers The New Industrial Revolution
    • Hooked
    • The Obstacle Is The Way
    • Smartcuts
    • Nice Companies Finish First
    • Let My People go Surfing
    • Ego Is The Enemy
    • Perennial Seller
    • Extreme Ownership
    • Hacking Growth
    • Holacracy – The revolutionary management system that abolishes hierarchy
    • The Side Project Report
    • Tools of Titans
    • Sun Tzu – The Art Of War For Executives


noun_75817_ccWith Oli (our son) often reluctant walk or needing a lift to get places, I am upping my arm & core strength to carry him.

  • Daily
    • 60 push ups
  • Saturday +
    • 600 sit-ups with 30kg weight bag
    • 20 dips
    • 20 pull-ups
    • 100 push-ups
    • 20 legs to bar lifts
  • Preparing for The Hillary ultra-marathon with Wednesday and Sunday runs.
    • Current PB.
  • Refining my LCHF diet. Experimenting with various Kimchee recipes, sauerkraut and intermittent fasting (one large meal per work day, two on weekends).



I would love to hear your views!

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