About Nick Allen

Hi, I am Nick Allen, or as I’m often found online @nickwallen.

Heres a little about me and the areas I work or have worked in.

I connect organisations with their audiences on-line to ultimately drive sales and growth, aligned with business strategy –  steering future direction.
✔  I coach teams to leverage the impact of digital disruption (commerce moving online) and understand interactions with customers through big data and qualitative analysis.
✔  I connect across teams within organisations to collaborate and innovate within marketing and the business as a whole.

I use agile project management to create iterative ongoing campaigns that connect offline marketing with online tools and techniques such as:

✔  Paid advertising on search engines and social media
✔  Search engine optimisation
✔  Mobile and tablet app creation
✔  Community management, advertising and promotions on social media sites
✔  Content marketing
✔  And brand storytelling.

With the ultimate goal of converting clients to purchase online or to provide qualified warm leads to sales and business development teams.

I bring over a dozen years of global online marketing experience from Chile and Brazil to the United Kingdom and United States.

Industry wise my experience spans B2B and B2C companies in Travel, Telecommunications, Education, Real Estate, Finance and Management Consulting. From 14,000 employee global corporations to hands on ‘start-up’ teams of 7.

I have a strong proven background in progressive online and digital marketing, but as a kiwi have held onto my pragmatic ‘do what works best’ mantra.

My quirks

Due to my time in Brazil and a Chile I’m probably the only kiwi male with over 1.6K followers on Pinterest through my love for South American residential architecture. Could I be the only Kiwi Fluent in Agile Digital Marketing, Portuguese, Spanish and Residential Architecture?

In my spare time I use my best camera – the one that’s always with me – to capture light in its many forms.

As Chuck says – it helps me to think creatively.

Please feel free to contact me or connect on: Twitter @NickWAllen, or LinkedIn http://linkedin.com/in/nickwallen

Happy to chat.

I would love to hear your views!

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