Startup Marketing and Small Business – Online Marketing Strategy and Consulting

Startup Marketing is rocket science.

If it wasn’t for the giant marketing and communications team getting sponsorship – NASA we would never have reached the moon. As they reported on rocket progress and explained the complex ideas in layman’s terms, they were content marketing. They were creating a bank of answers to the questions that their customers had about their industry, product or service  – space travel.  They were becoming the source of expert knowledge in their field.

They became the content masters of their niche and in today’s world great brands need to do the same.

Your small business might not be building rockets, but I know you want to reach the stars. I can work with you to get your startup marketing or small business marketing plan in place.

Over the past decade I have worked as an Online Marketing Consultant, Social Media Channel Manager, Content Creator and Digital Strategist for a range of companies around the world.

On examining the traits of those that truly excel in content marketing be it B2B or B2C, SMB, Large enterprise or small startup – three core elements stand out:

  1. Clearly defined audience and content goals
  2. A solid roadmap to those goals
  3. and dedicated committed resources – measuring and iterating on their journey to success.

I can help you and your team exceed their level of excellence – creating success that brings a level of scalable content creation. I’m confident that together we can make your business hum online.

In fact, I have 5 remaining spots to coach and mentor progressive startups and small businesses this year. Let’s talk about an ongoing advisory relationship!

I’d love to help coach you and your team to create a pathway to excel in content marketing, digital marketing and social media.

So call or contact me and we can get your marketing humming!

I would love to hear your views!

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