B2B Events – Leveraging Web2.0 & Social Media

I was thinking about how best to leverage events in the current web 2.0 world.

Gone are the days of cold mass emails, faxes or letters to hundreds of potential attendees to fill a small room.

Working in a B2B I thought I’d lay out my ideal event – lapping up all the web has to offer, rather than taking people away from the world for a day or two of isolated thought.

Pre event

Well in advance and as part of the annual marketing plan, events are laid out, or scope is set for rapid response forums on topical revelations in the market. A plan is set to build hype around the event and create that must attend appeal.

For set date events:

  • Hash-tags are set in place at the same time as the email inbox is set up for communications and registrations
  • Keynote speakers are tweeting about their topic and forwarding out relevant reading material
  • A LinkedIn group or subgroup is established and is prominent, beside the hash-tag in all communications about the event (emails, DM, and company website)
  • A LinkedIn Event Listing is also created, and mentioned in the group.
  • keynote speakers and key consultants post questions to LinkedIn and solicit topics for “roundtable” or “expert panel”

At event

  • Attendees are encouraged to use event hash-tag for providing feedback, queries and to pose questions
  • Potentially, a “waterfall screen” in the break area, could be used to reach non-tweeters
  • An email address is also set up for more private concerns and both are monitored by staff at the event

Post event

  • Comments and queries are collated and aggregated to clients
  • Attendees are encouraged to continue on the Linked In group and consultants join, following up on materials
  • New thoughts and ideas are posed to the Linked In group members with the ultimate aim of forming a network for collaboration and product/service development
  • Follow up communications enforce the LinkedIn group and the continuing communication leveraged to promote the next event

Has anyone leveraged these two? Any great Case studies you’d like to share?

I would love to hear your views!

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