Reporting ROI in web marketing

A little back, I wrote about focusing on your website as a hub. Rightly so @iconic88 pointed out that it ain’t just about a good website and content hub. There’s plenty of other spaces and places that clients interact with you online. We understand that social media, transparency and engaging with clients in their space is key.

It you’re lucky, your C-Suite get this too. But what does this mean to them in dollars and sense/cents.

Once you’ve cracked that hub and head out to engage with clients and prospects on their grounds – via social media and careful, creative advertising – you need to really understand the return on the time, effort and dollars you spend. Having an encompassing view of what your getting back will help you explain to your boss why you keep “playing on FaceBook all day”. Many fortune 500 companies still block the major social media sites, so its not surprising that the budget for head count and tools to work this arena is still minimal.

Many are finding the rush is on. Social Media joins PPC, SEO, Display and APPs. There’s so many ways to easily eat up an online marketing budget, yet little focus on creating a learning, measuring library. Somewhere to record the results from all these traffic sources and learn.

Dashboard views from the myriad of analytics providers can give you vital statistics on what’s keeping your website alive. But what about bundling that into actionable parcels for those that don’t talk long tails and CPC all day long? We are building a web presence and interacting to constantly engage with our clients, but what if we could break these interactions into micro campaigns? Then report back in bursts.

Micro Campaign parts

  • Multivariate emails go out with different subjects and two content options
  • Pointing to two articles online – server security and office security
  • Timed tweets from the corporate and sales teams accounts, three content options, 2 #hastags
  •  Display ads – three sites, four options
  • Facebook page posts
  • Linked in group posts
  • Likes on FaceBook

A realtime view of the results is available for everyone. The Twitter page would look a little something like this.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

With each stat allowing drill down to displaying the cross linkages between the various facets of the campaign.

Hover on each metric, compare to your last campaign, or compare to industry average. And the statistics are tied to each article, so a thumbnail view campaign archive, lets you browse the most successful campaigns.

Now that you’re successfully collecting all this data, tie it to a user profile and pipe it to your CRM. Let your sales team have real-time insights too!

I would love to hear your views!

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