Filter out the noise on Twitter

Old Television

Think back to the first time Infomercials came out on TV, I’m sure they were really successful to start and grabbed our interest. The wise cottoned on quick and switched the channel.
The same will happen with Twitter.

Sadly there’s still weight in the phrase “but wait there’s more” – and I also lament that many will follow @charliesheen to see what he’s touting. Maybe even buy his affiliates’ products. Heck, I took a glimpse, as I like some of his work, but I’m not into following actors or bands. Just not my thing.

I’ll be watching my own channels of leaders and other quality tweeters! Skipping the Ads and anything irrelivant. Glancing up at my favorite TV shows between the evenings RRS reader and Twitter reviews.

As people get through their first few tweets and start to understand things, they realise there’s “a lot of noise” on twitter and that’s what lists, search filters, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are for.

Handy tips:

Set up a saved search for your favourite topics, a couple of my current ones are

And list up those important to you. Like my leaders and in real life lists.

Set these as screens in Tweetdeck or HootSuite – and use them across your: iStuff (iPad, iPod, iPhone), desktop, laptop and Androids. Both have APPs for all major mobiles and the iPad.

How do you guys filter the noise?

Image by Beige Alert

I would love to hear your views!

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