Dellb2b huddle with Brian Solis – My notes

Quick thoughts from today’s DellB2B FIR Google huddle.

To really leverage Social Media- It starts with a company that is behind your efforts! As a whole, top down, from the Csuite.
So to get buy in, budget etc. Stop talking about social media, talk about who you’re trying to reach.

By not saying anything in social you’re saying everything. Does that mean you don’t value having conversations with your buyers!?

You can’t let the conversation happen without you and it takes homework and personal engagement to grow a B2B social media presence!

Brian’s recent research:

93% of business buyers say companies should have a presence in social media.

But 83% believe you should engage and add value at a personal level. Not just an rss feed of Marketing speak!

The true value is one to one to many!!

Using social monitoring software to search key terms and brands, may not give you a full understanding of what social media can bring to your organisation and lead generation available. So people may not be discussing your brand per se, but they’re definitely talking your topics! Maybe not in Twitter or FaceBook – but forums, blogs, comments, ratings.

Every company is a media company, proving to client bases that your the thought leader in your space, and at your employees are as well. And taking that to the next level that they are engaging and discussing their topic speciality with clients. To refine these interactions, in terms of spreading your thought leadership, Klout and other measurement tools let us spend time with our potential brand advocates. Leverage their reach in their niche.

The future of business is not created, it’s co-created. As our Brand image in the social space, more and more dictates the direction of our companies. Engaging in social media is investing in insight, becoming the experts you used to employ to spread your brand, learning about the marketplace and adapting first. Putting customers back to the front and centre of your business.

I would love to hear your views!

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