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As I chew though our FY2012 marketing process, I couldn’t help but think of a more Agile approach. Why limit this iterative fast moving approach to just software development? Switching gears and channels at market speed.

I struggle to see how the market will be the same in a years time for any business these days. Let alone start-ups and anyone wanting to be cutting edge.

With an agile business – priorities will shift.

OLD: Am I meeting outdated budgets and targets. NEW: Have I balanced the risk of pushing a bad release vs. not being first to market.

What if Beta options become mainstream?

AB testing is a step towards this, but what if we marketed with bravery, tried that strap line that wasn’t quite on brand, or pushed the boundaries. Moving to weekly releases means you can adjust to topical issues, allow for the weather, factor in days your team are away. Or if man flu strikes, push lines with great Wife Acceptance Factor.

From a business perspective, moving your product or service to subscriptions or royalties is a great model.

The marketer in me wonders what opportunities outside software there are for agile builds in both marketing and daily life, here’s some ideas I have, would love to hear yours.

Life in BETA

TV Beta

  • Ad channel – where you can test various ads
  • Shows – run alternate endings to The Inbetweeners or the Event – with the winning scenario (social buzz) being the one the writers expand on for next week.

Phone Beta

  • Apple send you a shell, or motherboard that you can drop updates into.

Kindle Beta

  • For non fiction – receive updates to core data or facts in a book for a reduced price via subscription.
  • For Fiction – sequels, prequels, or alternate endings. Even downloadable movies once released.

Bike Beta

  • A bike manufacturer running Beta releases, where – for a subscription – you can expect upgrades parts to come out to you at a later date.

Car Beta

  • With hybrid platforms gaining traction, (its an old idea) but what if you could have a skeleton, strap on MPV for outings with the kids or the Ferrari shell for mum and dad night.


  • What about one in the value pack that’s different and a QR code to like it. Lychee in one bottle of cider, nappies with two fasteners, two bagels with raisins.

Life could be better in Beta, what would you like to see?

Photo: Micah Taylor – Flickr

I would love to hear your views!

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