I’m your number 1 fan! Keynote panel #iStrategy

Interesting session walking us through Facebook analytics, social CRM, and engagement 

Call me old fashioned (or daft) but working in a regulated B2B environment I’m less bullish on our engagement opportunities for ‘sales’ via Facebook. I’m not talking legal issues or fund management out in the open, I would however love to leverage it more for graduate recruitment.

And hey, it’s the new white pages – and if we (prof service firms) keep silent, just syndicating /RSS feeding our PR, we WILL begin to stick out!

On to the panel.

Jan Rezab talked SocialBakers.com and their analytics. 

Through great FaceBook analysis they highlight opportunities to engage – take your pages beyond just content syndication and into engagement. Bring to light their wonderful notion of Superfans those that would answer on your behalf about your Brand. 

Stephane Lee showed us Dimelo.com and their engagement come social CRM offering.

Showed nice segmentation of FaceBook page, search functionality and videos within.

Humoured me that Orange instead of addressing WHY people were asking questions, worked on ways to channel those discussions out of central FB page ‘message’.

Panel members

Manny Anekal from Zynga (farmville)

Julien Fourgeaud Rovio (angry birds)

and Arno Lubrun from FaceBook

Gave some nice nuggets.

With startups, and smaller companies it’s inherent that everyone is engaging via social media and spreading the word about their company, their @brand accounts therefore are manned by their executives, answering as many tweets as possible, replying to posts and questions.

Organic blueberries on farmville linked millions of users to a US farm – with some nice in game engagement, and I’m guessing lingering reminder in your space.

Facebook Pages – are they a good strategy going forward? 

FB say – keep it relevant, and distinguish yourselves. Organise conversations, engage, poll and prod your fans to come back. 

Some are saying the flow of wall posts from someone who is a ‘fan’ of many things, overwhelms. Hmm, like Twitter? Tweetdeck Hootsuite I say!

All reiterate that Geolocation will grow. FB to leverage this soon perhaps? Acquisitions coming?

Mobile is enormous focus – they’re improving for ads, media and games. Apps on their way.

The best way to build on Superfans?

– get them involved with the brand, Face to Face and let them participate and shape your companies direction.


An aside – Food for thought.

Via open API, and a quick ringround of all the point solutions, when can someone give me an integrated dashboard solution?

Something that: Allowes us to collaborate on content, publish it to our web presence (brought and owned) to measure engagement, search for opportunities, report analytics, and disseminate best practice…

I would love to hear your views!

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