iStrategy notes day 1 #istrategy Philips keynote

Under the mood lighting of iPad and iPhone screens, we’ve just wrapped up the first of the morning sessions of iStrategy Amsterdam.

Some of the nuggets included fantastic storytelling through the Philips – Nigel and Victoria series on YouTube. Based around Nigel the Philips marketing guy and Victoria the product tester and actress. Leveraging stories their consumers could relate to, with comedy and cliffhangers to keep them hooked. They’re incorporating product placement, educating potential clients, adapting and shifting their story for:

Constant ongoing engagement! User experience as @ThomasMarzano reiterated reaches far beyond how well your website funnels sales. Could they find the answers to their problems at the moment they needed them, offline or online, and were they enlightened or excited enough to SHARE that! Moving from a product based Brochureware website to a needs based total web presence is needed NOW.

Educating clients and potential clients in language they understand is a lesson we can well learn in the B2B consultancy space!!!

Finding and providing methods for your brand advocates, clients and colleagues to amplify Your story. It’s got me thinking…

I would love to hear your views!

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