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Stepping into B2B mode Eugenie Von Wiechen from LinkedIn, bringing us the current stats continuing their impressive growth and looking at the network effect and putting things into context.

I keep giggling at conversations I’ve had with HR associates everywhere of how we shouldn’t promote the use of LinkedIn. “PEOPLE WILL FIND THEM. We will loose them to competitors!” – HR

“Sorry I didn’t catch the last part, I was reading a post from an HR though leader in Social Media….” Nick

Sharing or collecting information is still bound between three arenas:

Personal, professional and family – which provide relevance to the topic at hand. With as many levels of crossover as people. As mentioned coming out of the FaceBook keynote, it’s inherently more relevant if a colleague or peer recommends the B2B you’re exploring. – Generating new business via a FACE to your business is invaluable! The faceless organisation will become obsolete!

Providing relevance, a background and referees for the writer of your latest article, CEO of your company seems like a no brainer! On the platform
Some of their latest releases, news and extended company pages, addressing the on off nature of LinkedIn.


The table agreed there’s the creative and frictional costs to do viral campaigns and large social media efforts well. At a second personal level – Empowering and teaching non digital natives how to be social AND leveraging your base of employees to share, create and amplify the message of your brand is a todo NOW, not a FY2013 goal. Seems we’re all facing “we should be in social media” from the C-Suite which is promising.

Not acting outweighs the risks of getting it wrong? Well… We were split on that, still fears or repercussions. So do it with structure and with training and understanding throughout your org.

Philips commented in via their global head of digital with good nuggets:
– Plans and guidelines need to be in place, don’t prohibit, but teach them the basics. – Speak only when your really have something to say as well! – Be prepared for any change this engaging may bring to your org. – their winning LinkedIn Groups are free from ads and push, NO SALES PITCH, but are about educating clients and thought leadership!

Small biz nation from HP was another LinkedIn Group to check out.

On empowering your employees to act as brand ambassadors, we agreed:

– If your Brand values and employee engagement are right, you have a better chance of succeeding, and some recruiter not headhunting your biggest Klout scorers.

Now for LUNCH!

Nick Allen


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