Understanding Social Media’s Soft Points #iStrategy #ecademy

Penny Power from ecademy, as she puts it between us and happy hour, showed some insights into the extent to which – in social networks and social media – businesses and personally we need to develop a personality and express it.

Can businesses really care about the person, not just their wallets?

Often in today’s society we are perhaps too focused on ROI. 

Focusing on solving a clients pain point, addressing a communities problem is far better than selling specifications.

The line of personal vs. business posts is for each to set, yet adding this is often an icebreaker to a lead, or to develop a friendship / peer network to bounce ideas with.

So were back to addressing all of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Both in our organisations and with our clients. 



It’s interesting that there’s underlying theme from today.

An organisation that understands core values, has a true shared vision and brand, and works together as a community – will outperform in social media.

– less throwing out pretty brochures – more “hey buddy, this could help you! I recommend it.

I would love to hear your views!

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