What’s your Social Media Architecture? #iStrategy

OK, two of my favourite hashtags in one session – WOOT

Coming back from meat stew, and feeling it we get @jmichele Joshua-Michele Ross

We run some great kinestetics – getting us to trace clockwise circles on the ceiling with our finger – bring the finger down to eye level and down to your waist, and now it’s anticlockwise! Social media is a complete perspective shift. The way we see an org via social media, vs. how do I manage social media and how my org functions, are still totally different perspectives.

The current fast moving landscape
Our attention is a leading indicator, of where we will spend, a lagging indicator.
This reflects in the way even mainstream news is spreading.

Information is moving in realtime and we need to adjust to react, From twitter, to blog post, to mashable, to New York Times, and then print.

Here’s the report predicting when newspapers around the world will fall. http://www.futureexploration.net/recentmedia/

Social Media Architecture is moving from pages and campaigns to coordination and connectivity. @jmichele s view is that your architecture should encompass: Utility durability and beauty – customer centric, longevity and uplifting people.

Understand your communities When you’ve roped out stakeholders, audiences their shared passion, concern or need – take a look at your communities and their basic need – then focus on it.

Some of the basic needs communities will have:

– Inspired entertained – Earn status
– Learn
– Get support
– Be rewarded.

You could layer culture and language, but these are the basics for any community.

Your internal structure, hubs, nodes and centres for excellence should focus to the basic needs, eg, ‘get support’ need means realtime responses from experts, or ‘learn’ should come from true though leaders.

Empower those closest to the community, and scale this with guidance and a blueprint. Having decentralised social media communications or interactions, is a lot easier for organisations that aren’t stuck in a top down internal push model. And companies with a diluted sense of purpose or brand find this hard to shake externally especially in social media.


Topping out a GREAT post lunch presentation @jmichele Ends with a great slide on how to structure for Social Business that speaks for itself.

To quote a fellow attendee:

” “@roelandeuser All you need to know to get started http://yfrog.com/gymgsqlj #strategy ”

Nick Allen


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