Centres of Excellence for Social Media and Enterprise 2.0

A while back I wrote about setting up your organisation for new media success http://bit.ly/fx3JK3

With the velocity of change in new media, social media and our marketplaces in general, innovation will be a commonplace metric in the CSuite dashboard. The catch-phrase Social Media, web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, collaboration terms will morph into Social Business. A term describing leading organisations that transparently collaborate not only internally but also with their clients.
Co-creation, be that internal or external, even for restricted industries and consultancy firms with highly valued IP, will proliferate. With various lines being drawn for what is IP, valuable insight and what is education.

Companies with the capacity to innovate will be truly measured by their capacity to share ideas effectively. Both internally and externally.

We’ll move beyond intricate taxonomies, top down messaging and best practice archives. Adopting folksonomies, the capacity to search everything behind a firms firewall and beyond will grow. Best practice guides will turn into continuous works in progress, with collaboration tools allowing both implied and explicit experts to weigh in accordingly.

– the 30 email chain, CCed to any possible stakeholders and amended called notes-on-meeting-about-meetings-draft-Final-v34.doc – will turn into a document in a collaboration zone that I can read and comment on from any device, share at any time, and publish to any level or group.

Sharing innovation to hubs, nodes and all empowered the second the market shifts.

Centres of Excellence will be true teachers with the tools to disseminate knowledge and empower innovation.

I would love to hear your views!

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