iStrategy Post: Network Overload – Is Google+ One Too Many Social Network Options?

Now I may be getting old, and only just consider myself a digital native, but are there now too many digital parties for us to attend?


Stretching yourself thin with checkins here, liking this, +1ing that (yes, it doesn’t really roll off the tongue does it), blogging, tweeting, asking, heck there’s barely time left for actually doing anything!

You have no doubt seen this by Brain Solis, and the good news is it just got a big addition – Google+! Which thankfully others are providing some great insights and howtos for us to read up on.

I for one see we have a couple of options to maintain our sanity.

Throttle back the social networks we use — choosing those where your true audience are — or connecting them together somehow. One thing we will have to watch is the idea of open APIs. And perhaps there’s signs that the social networks are getting antisocial. Twitter and Google part real-time ways — just before we are pleasantly surprised with Google+.

If I think of ways to connect accounts — here are some of the high-level auto posts that come to mind:

  • Twitter lets you share to Facebook and LinkedIn automatically – or via #in and #fb tags or the like to be slightly selective
  • Foursquare, lets you feed check-ins to Facebook as well.
  • Google+ are working on apps and the StartGoogle+ Chrome extension lets you post to Twitter and Facebook from Google+

The problem here is your treating all social networks equally. And your Facebook wall ends up with, at worst a bunch of @ symbols or @Queen_UK  all over it, at best littered with #hashtags. 

But tailored messages make more sense right?

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