No Story, No Fans? – Reviewed!

While easing myself into the couch and weekend I received an interesting DM from Raf Stevens and a link to his book ‘No Story, No Fans?’ 

Curious, I gave it a crack and I’m dying to get back to the last pages and finish it tonight.

In the book Raf covers off a multitude of Storytelling techniques – combining them with near real time annotations of storytelling in action. It’s a fantastic guide for:

  • those exploring storytelling
  • those that want to give voice or expand their stories
  • or in fact as a reference of case studies for the experienced storyteller.

There are a number of QR codes peppered throughout directing you to videos, articles and insights from those featured in the book.

Whilst taking us through some engaging case studies Raf also gives insight into: how to form your story; how to nestle all the elements of your brand’s story together, from small snippets through to the big picture; and how to ensure your story resonates with your community.

Here’s a short snippet from the book (hope you don’t mind Raf). This book is definitely one to read for anyone thinking their brand has a story to tell!


Working your Brand Story: Catch, Create and Connect Stories!


Is all about “experience”: how stories reveal themselves in moments/things that happen and in the bigger story around it. Through Story-listening you can uncover the stories that live inside or outside the brand.


Is all about “entertainment”: how does the story make you feel about you, the brand and its values and beliefs. Through Story-design you can bring your brand to live.


Is all about “engagement”: how does the story foster participation with the community? Through Story-telling you can engage with your community (communities are a web of stories).

I would love to hear your views!

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