Creative B2B Branding (no, really) Reviewed!

Providing a pick me up for those suffering the mid week (mid career) trough in ideas, Creative B2B Branding is a book for anyone in business, not just those in the marketing department.

Scot’s take on branding is an overly minted Mojito. Refreshing and with some kick!

My only dislike from the book being that my youngest thinks the cover is a picture of me!

Covering brand strategy, the creative platform and standing out from the crowd, Scot encourages companies to embrace the essence of their brand. He also gives valuable insight into leveraging social media and the latest in digital marketing to amplify your brand – engaging with clients.

All to often we focus on keeping up with competitors, rather than true differentiators. One of many questions Scot asks is in appealing to a broad audience or giving our clients trusted (safe) branded messaging, are we missing out on truly engaging with them?

A couple of quotes I love:

“..too much emphasis is placed on the look of the badge instead of focusing on the value of the brand – what people think – not what they see!”

“Your brand will never be able to appeal to all of the people all of the time – particularly the terminally stupid!”

Its a book you’ll read to the end. Picking up to snack on later. Regularly!

Take a look!

I would love to hear your views!

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