Always On – The New 9 to 12

Here’s a neat infographic from Socialcast detailing some US stats around who’s online, doing what, over the holidays.

I’m reminded to once again re-evaluate that work-life balance as I know I am a culprit: checking my Blackberry during the evening, On Twitter / Facebook / Google+ while watching evening TV, checking-in on Foursquare at the park…

I did however find time to read up on some great articles, get half way through The Swiss Family Robinson, and write a post for iStrategy on the impressive Han Han (slightly jealous as his day job lets him blog well)

Next to work on an architecture post that I owe the great MooArc guys in Guernsey and stop my Klout from plummeting as I have a reasonable offline life…


But back to the point – it looks like Internal Social Media and collaboration tools are creating just as much engagement and interest with employees as their external counterparts.

#E2sday: Mobile Lurking Through the Holidays


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