Jarno Will Fly – Storytelling

So are you looking for your daily dose of inspiration?

Jarno @jarnosmeets80 is building wings so that he can fly. He’s also doing a cracking job of documenting it across three platforms Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and in his blog.

I’ve not asked Jarno if he’s up to it, but I think this is a fantastic chance for someone or some brand to give Jarno some help and support his story. A real chance to Market the unfinished product.


Here’s some insights into Jarno’s Work in Progress – a recent video update.

Apart from the technical aspects of the build what intrigues me about Jarno’s story is learning about what motivates him – his grandad’s sketches.


03 01 02


As a child I was always very intrigued by these drawings, back then I really believed that my granddad would once be able to fly on this bike. Later on I realised that this would never be possible, it was his naive, childish fantasy. The images of his flying bike always have been floating around in the back of my mind.

For this reason my grandpa is still my biggest inspiration for starting this ‘Human Birdwings’ project. My dream about flying started because of his sketches. So I’m really happy my mother found these.


Perhaps there’s a brand that could get behind this build? Surely the storytelling capacity here is infinite! At the least follow Jarno’s blog here: http://www.humanbirdwings.net




As an aside:

Jarno asked if I had any social media tips – which was hard as he really has three main social networks covered quite well.

Here are three I can think of to start (plus reading some of my older posts 🙂 maintaining communities and Twitter 101

  • Start targeting and following the editors of publications you’d like to feature you (Popular Mechanics) and take the time to RT, like and comment on their articles.  
  • Search twitter for enthusiast and follow
  • Maybe consider posting to Vimeo.com any high quality footage you have – their community is more aligned with artistic / hand crafted projects. 


I would love to hear your views!

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