Natura Plant – Cinema Dedications For Loved Ones

I came across a fun campaign today run by Natura (Brazilian beauty and cosmetics company).

To launch their new line of hair products ‘Plant’, Natura partnered with the site, an online cinema reservation site. At the time of purchasing the ticket, users were prompted as to if they were taking a female with them. they could then record a tribute to her on their webcams. The tribute was shown before their chosen movie began.

It’s a relativey integrated campaign – shared on Twitter and their Facebook page to prolong the interaction. Although, and this may be because it ran in October, there’s no link on their site to it.

An app was also created on their FB page so that others could post their own dedications and a mosaic displays those that have given and received dedications from the site – a wonderful spot for long distance Christmas wishes.


Here’s a clip of the results. It’s in Portuguese but you can get the idea pretty quick that their partners a chuffed to receive the dedication. The young girl says “Grandma your hair is as beautiful and white as snow”.


If you’re in brazil, make your own dedication at:


I would love to hear your views!

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