Email Marketing in B2B


An email from Silverpop got me thinking…

With social media came the capacity for everyone to receive / digest updates from their favourite brands in one or all of the networks they enjoy. What place does email marketing have in the mix?

Mass emailing is still the mainstay for many B2B firms. Disseminating “thought leadership” to existing clients. Re- emphasising the relationship or merely updating them on the latest trends, news or research.

And as a method for keeping clients informed, there’s no more disruptive and connecting method.

– A well written email, alarming clients about upcoming legislation.
– Research pointing them out as outliers.
– A simple reminder that all their peers have completed an annual review.
– and some less alarmist techniques

And yes, you’ve succeeded in driving them to the business development team, and reinvigorated the relationship, but there’s the point, it’s THE relationship.

What if I’ve not recorded you as our preferred supplier and leave. My inbox is deleted there and then as I deal with “confidential” client info.

Or worse I went to a competitor and the lot is burnt to save me leaving with trade secrets. Literally. Along with the print outs of my emails and contracts, just, in, case.


If I’d engaged with the brand socially it’s there on record and my contacts can see it.

Even better, if I’d used selective tweets or posts like #YAM, #SC or #JIVE it’s probably on the intranet. That glowing review of X supplier – ready for successors and the rest of the company to leverage. After I leave, or simply when I am travelling or on vacation, the whole firm can see my recommendation of X.

Which leaves me thinking – this private plea

Is it a little hidden? Is it a last cry? What do you think?

I would love to hear your views!

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