Will Foursquare Explore Lure You Back?

This morning I updated Foursquare to the latest Android version and they have pushed out many of the web explore features to the app.

Many of my friends have commented that they’re checking in less – unhappy that there’s not enough “deals” in Europe or switching to other platforms like Path or Facebook to log their daily journeys. So I’m wondering is this enough of an attraction to bring them back?

Explore was aimed to tap into you and your friends’ check-ins. To surface up places that you might like to go. So it was only time before the functionality updated within apps.

A nice surprise looking through the ranked suggestions – were tips from my contacts displayed first. The suggestions were also weighted. Movies were de-prioritized over suggestions for my Saturday caffeine fix, which fits with my check-in history.

So now I’m armed with a tool that can give me new places to go, recommended by friends, and grouped to what I’m interested in.

Here’s a bit more about the release.

The new results include: changing your location, filtering your recommendations, and photos in your search results.

The algorithm behind the search modifies to promote results based on the time of day, places your friends have been or left tips, places on lists you follow, and places they think you’ll like based on the 1,500,000,000 check-ins on foursquare.

There are three filters that you can also use to refine the search:

  • One to toggle on or off between – places you been, places you haven’t and places your friends have.
  • A second to select the radius of search.
  • And a third to select your current location or another.


Via a map interface the final selection is great for exploring new neighbourhoods or a special new spot for Valentines perhaps?

Oh and for those of you in the US, via a partnership with SinglePlatform they also provide Menus and pricing information on Android and iPhone!

Is it enough to get my friends checking in again? We’ll see.

My next prediction is Foursquare incorporates some NFC or in app payment method. Some way to really encourage the check-ins and link users with businesses.

I would love to hear your views!

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