The end of marketing as we know it!

Through a linkedIn group today I stubled across an interesting blog post on – The End of Marketing as We Know it!

Michael Page are (rightly so in my mind) exploring the need for more ‘Digital Savvy’ Marketers. Those that get PPC, SEO, can code or understand that Social Media thing. If you know how to buy quality backlinks – you understand it’s easy to tell the difference in quality between proper, natural content backlinks and some Fiverr gig.

Sure – the tools in a marketers backpack are changing but I think there’s an underlying theme of great content.

A marketer’s ability to tell the story of his or her company’s brand stands true.
We used to publish white papers, now we blog or even microblog, but connecting with potential clients is still vital. It’s just those personal connections with clients are now online and ready for others to see. Be they good or bad.

So start hunting out those sources of good content. Colleagues that understand your brand and can or ARE talking of it eloquently. You’ll never quote me saying traditional marketing is gone long live digital. But you might hear the centrally controlled PUSH of communications is on it’s last legs.

Effective marketing will be about who can train their teams fastest in this one-to-one Social Media savvy world. Who can share new strategies and plans fastest internally.

Making sure that not just marketing but the whole company understands your “value propositions” and what’s in your company’s DNA. Days of fretting over logo usage and spacing issues will fall away as we focus on messages and connections. We’ll realise that clients and customers define our Brand.

A network of connected engaged associates who all consider themselves and their activities as marketing of the brand is powerful. So empower them to share your brand. Tweet about it. Share their latest blog posts or articles on LinkedIn and start connecting with potential clients.

I’ll leave you with a thought from Seth.

Content Marketing is the OLNY Marketing Left

I would love to hear your views!

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