SoLoMoCo the four essential pillars of online marketing

SoLoMoCo - Social Media, Local Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Content

Digital Marketing has its old favourite acronyms and phrases that marketers, heck anyone online needs to need to understand at a tactical level: SEO, PPC ,CTR, CPA, Long tail, edge rank, to name a few.

But at a strategic level there are four characters we should all be focusing on over the next year.

So let’s add an acronym –  SoLoMoCo
As I’m yet to have lunch I’ve taken a food theme to lay out the member of the SoLoMoCo team.

Boris Johnson in Tooting

So = Social Media
Mr Social is the friendly manager/landlord. He knows all the guests personally and makes sure to say hi to all and sundry. He know his valued connections and who can help him with his cause. People follow him and can’t wait for what he’ll say next. Although he looks like a bit of a show off, he knows the 80/20 rule and spends lot more time sharing his friends thoughts over his own.

Dallas Farmers Market 2

Lo = Local or geographically base search and interaction
Mr Local is the king of the farmers market. You search for him and his big banner pops up and is relevant to those within a stone’s throw. He does a different farmers market each week and he has a tailored offering for each location. Oh and its fresh stocked daily with new products and content.

bread sled

Mo = Mobile
Mobile is the driver of a turbocharged breadtruck. He needs to be ultra-fast and lightweight. Right now – you at least get a custom packaged takeaway meal from him. Very soon networks will be so fast he will need to offering you the full menu. Knowing that snacking on the run and delivery are the future of dining, restaurants will even think takeaway first. The same is happening with the web!

Co = Content
I’ve left the storyteller to last, the one that ties brand messages together. He’s not new to the mix but his face is more prominent. He’s the one that knows how to tell the true story the brand. He has many hats and could be the landlord for all we know.  He thinks innovatively about content.

He throws a cameraman in for a wild ride in the breaddruck. He shows you the variety at the farmers market, the care that the chefs take with meals and the personalities behind everything. He also talks about customers, their experiences and has a story for those considering buying, those buying and those that will buy again.

Now you know the team spots. Make sure you’ve got players!

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