Brian Solis on Frictionless Sharing opens #iStrategy

Brian Solis kicks off a fantastic iStrategy London, just as I have a senior moment and forget to boot up. So here’s the summary of @Briansolis final notes. Brian reminds us that mobile is connecting the online and offline world at an exponential rate. Hey, Facebook brought Instagram for this very reason.

Frictionless sharing is improving daily but to really leverage this, brands need to give consumers and experience that is so compelling they just HAVE to share it. Social producers will be the new role this year. Making things shareable and slippery. Not just sensationalising editorial work, or creating awesome Infographic designs, but knowing how to get them shared. Creating content that your community find so interesting that they HAVE to share it with their community. And RRS has a new meaning: Relevance, Resonance and Significance. Your content must be of interest and useful to your community, it must resonate, and that means linger on beyond a tweet or post. These will then lead to significance for your business. And remember: If you do not design a compelling experience for your consumers, one will be created for you. Maybe one you don’t like. What they feel and do is ours to define. It’s a blank canvas for organisations, that may share common best practice but each will be different.

So get out there and get engaging!

I would love to hear your views!

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