Microsoft – Building a global brand in the social space. #iStrategy

A Microsoft case study with @SimonHughes from Microsoft and @chadestes at Vitrue.
Many organisations with the boom of Facebook “face” (sorry) the challenge of multiple “rogue” social media properties and trying together the brand and experience.

And it’s difficult to run multiple campaigns in local areas and have analytics to compare and evaluate campaigns to form best practice. Finding that fine balance between brand control and tailoring to the local Market is key. Microsoft focused on the external UI and how to educate marketers internally. A global change mgmt campaign was set up to take local marketers from their own pages and tactics to brining them into the central tool and hub of learning. Highlighting the additional value of analytics and comparison or benchmarking that a consistent analytics platform can give. DOUBLE PIVOT

They created a Facebook page that allowed visitors to “tab” to local Market content. They also allowed followers to choose between, student, business, developer or all. Through Facebook open graph they set up the pages to let you follow specific segments. They then created one common global calendar that allowed flexibility for local markets but also leveraged global campaigns. And then checked for what is resonating to ensure content was targeted to their audience.

With the analytics, their metrics focused around a common dashboard that included: fan/followers stats, impressions, share of voice and sentiment. They take that into a feedback loop on a daily basis to evaluate their content marketing. They then compare across continents and campaigns.

The results of centralising their Facebook presence to one page?

Since the start of the year they’ve seen double to 5.7 million fans globally for the windows brand, which is their most “engaged” brand. Well done Simon and team!

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