Turning followers into profit – @brucedaisley at #iStrategy


Twitter having just cracked its 6th birthday Twitter is evolving and Bruce opens with, “it’s a discovery tool”. Like all of us Twitter is exploring Big Data, and implicit signals is their take. People on Twitter don’t follow things they are not interested in, so they’re exploring this with the discover tab. It’s also used for targeting their ads.

On the interesting stat side Bruce shares that 40% of twitter users don’t tweet, but they do listen. Effectively Twitter is a news feed in your pocket, keeping you up to date with what you’re interested in.

Continuing the iStrategy buzzwords, Bruce is another reiterating the mobile first anthem Bruce quotes:

If your business isn’t treating mobile as the front door, just close shop ~
@brucedaisley #iStrategy

As a second screen to your TV trending topics in Twitter is an impressive tool for measuring the success of mass media. Also – 2 in 3 users that follow a brand say it is likely to influence their purchase.

Their targeting and even different ads for different platforms was impressive. Perhaps another way to use Twitter to reach your audience or new followers.


Dual screening, or using Twitter hashtags to have feedback on TV shows gives instant feedback. Each week Britain’s got talent actually gets re-cut for the next week based off feedback.
Week on week programs that trend actually build views of a show. So there’s a direct correlation between a successful hashtag and the success of a show.

And it’s not just TV, radio plays are also effected – Florence and the Machine trended all day in the UK, from a simple #nowplaying hashtag

With that said its not surprising that your @handle is now the new phone number or email address for emerging brands and personal brands. I know @nickwallen comes first on my business card.

To leave us with some fun case studies: A simple way that restaurants are using Twitter is the: Tweet before you eat for a treat! @handle Amex ran a campaign connecting your card to twitter, where you tweet about what you want to save for. See http://sync.Americanexpress.com/twitter for details. But as you tweet about your purchases or intended purchases you earn rewards.

Two ideas worth checking out.

Finally in the QandA

A member of the audience asked how to promote his book. And Bruce had some good ideas such as tweeting nuggets from your book or getting influential tweeters to mention your book.

And if you’re looking for the best time to tweet TBG and Brand Republic have researched the best time for ROT.

I would love to hear your views!

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