Ask the Experts – Stephane Lee from Dimelo #iStrategy

Stephane introduced a Peugeot case study where they launched an ask the experts forum where prospects could ask employees about their up coming cars. Designers, engineers and real staff at Peugeot were there answering any questions potential clients had. They ran a microsite and also a Facebook tab that featured all the QandA. Barklays also ran an ask the experts area in their elite card club, where you could post investment, stocks, mortgage questions etc. Loyalty, proximity and affinity to the brand grew as there were real faces behind the brand. Many others were also into it, Danone, French rail, and health orgs.

BNP Paribas had experts open for recruitment, answering questions of potential candidates and new grads

It’s a great opportunity to:
– Seize an interest space and rank well for it in search.
– Improve trust
– Help with complicated sales
– Justify price
– Build affinity with your brand.

And its nice way to build content thats relevant to your audience.

I would love to hear your views!

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