Video is how we see the world – Harry Davies from Google at #iStrategy

Harry’s humorous panel session contined in this workshop focusing on Emotional videos.

Video plays an essential part in our learning and news consumption.
Thinking back to how we all huddled around the TV to see 911 unfold.
We turn to video to understand the world around us. It’s the closest experience to real life.

Brands for most of our lives have been riding on the back of emtional video content, sliding in ads around the tv programs we love to watch. And now the fast decisions we make as to if wr like something are easily charged by an emotional video.
The focus today being on how to fashion emotional video as online video watching according to comscore is now at almost an hour a day per person and 47% ignore or jump out of ads. The click to dismiss ads on YouTube means you’re only reaching this that are interesting and don’t click to skip, and you only pay for those that view your ads.
They are also working to run these in display and search results. Of note is that in TV 20% is advertising and on YouTube it’s 0.7% Harry then dropped video. Around 3m views and a startup kicked off. A testament to how video can deliver great returns.

Note: To harp from Brian’s keynote yesterday. Create compelling content that people just HAVE to share!


YouTube trends highlights famous videos with background as to why they trend. The trends dashboard shows what’s interesting for a particular audience, eg 18 to 24 year old men in the UK. You can also compare demographics. With a rolling weighted average of a months views.

You can even see some shared covers outperforming originals? Like the Gotye Somebody that I used to know video on YouTube.

Under the analytics you can see the device used, and the entry channels, where they came from and where they ditch the video. You can see if you video is engaging for it’s length – compared to others. – Emotional advertising works.
– Follow the users and split spending across TV and online. 4/5ths Perhaps?
– Pay for only the ads clients engage with. And start to think creative!

I would love to hear your views!

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