Images working overtime in Social Media – Thinglink

Every day I am more and more worried about our nature and habits as social media addicts. We’re becoming a species with ever decreasing attention spans. Blogs must have sub headings or we won’t read them, Tweets should never be the full 140.

Images and videos seem the only way left to catch our eye – they’re a break from our text full inbox, our Kindle, RSS reader and newspapers.

Can we take images further 

Going over some footage (HT @adders) last night I came across a tool that could take images beyond JUST their visual appeal.

Enter Thinglink – A very neat tool that allows you to add links in an overlay over your images. I can see hundreds of uses for this and especially in retail blogs.

Here’s my sample on a pic taken about the time that Thinglink launched.

Thinglink: Apple Flagship Store – Fifth and Central Park NYC


I’m hoping that readers have taken the time to explore the image above and check out the links.

Done sparingly the image keeps it’s appeal – there’s not too many distracting dots when you mouse over. But once you’ve seen one, there’s that treasure hunt appeal to see what the others are about.

What could Thinglink be used for?

  • Linking to a store that sells the outfit Kiera Knightley or Eric Bana is wearing.
  • Linking to your solutions, videos explaining the shot.
  • Howto annotations for educational blogs or tutorials.
  • B2B – linking to the story behind the case study.

There are also a number of rich media connections for YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and soundcloud. So you can record snippets to explain the image or spot you’re tagging.

For those after a bit more about the company and the inspiring CEO Ulla-Maaria Engeström here’s Ulla @ullamaaria at Next Berlin.

Help me think of other uses

I’m sure there are loads of other uses, let me know if you think of any cool ones in the comments below.

I would love to hear your views!

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