eCommerce and Classifieds Sites – Tips for Content Marketing

Content Marketing has really taken off over the last few years. Two prime examples being

  • Redbull – powering video and media content into “extreme channels” around the world for B2C
  • American Express Open Forum – a platform for business clients to discuss SME issues.

Red Bull Air show in Maldives!

But what has caught my interest this week is classified sites or search engines and their efforts in the arena. Even here we’re seeing the realisation that we are not all about being a pure sales tool.

Historically the ads or classified section was at the back, paying for the well written editorial up front in the latest edition of your local newspaper. Online, where most of the largest sites are classifieds, there’s a polar switch. But one that is slowly trending back to content.

Amazon have whispered of their efforts via Amazon studios – hoping to leverage of their connections with LoveFilm to eventually producer their own content that though big data they know will be a success.

Google have hundreds of blogs written by various facets of their business and an area if only recently discovered – their

Other options to consider

There’s real potential here for them to not only work with the stories from the data they collect. Here are some other areas I’ve thought of to explore. Which on the lead generation side which will bolster SEO and nurture existing clients/users:

  • Client satisfaction / FAQ stories
    Tips to clients on how to use their products, and what to do before and after they use them (Amazon on kindle maintenance for example).
  • Return visit tools
    Perhaps an alert if their product has extra value second hand and an article about it. Or a similar one is arriving soon or nearby. Or articles on targeted pheripheral products – like cases for iPads, kid friendly suburbs for houses or
  • maintenance services.

  • Stories from their suppliers/listers
    Not only what differentiates their business, but also tips from them on how to use the service right, on what to do before and after purchase.

And then of course there are the mediums even for simple research you can produce:

  • Video summary
  • Press release
  • Social media sharing
  • Stats from the report on social media
  • An infographic
  • White paper
  • More social media sharing and discussion
  • Micro poll of users
  • Results from the micro poll
  • Various cuts of the data
  • Before the final (heaven forbid we forget print) glossy hard copy for the reception coffee table.

Once complete there’s quarterly updates and ongoing sharing of the content on social media channels.

I would love to hear your views!

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