@amayfield shares his thoughts on Earned vs. Spurned Media. #SoConBuzz

Inbound marketing being their focus at Brilliant Noise, Antony pushes us to not feel like criminals when taking about Social Business or Inbound Marketing and to fight for our share of the marketing budget!


Our cognitive bias gets into the way of creating great digital content. Using scientific method to analyse our marketing, Antony argues we are too focused on our sales funnel. Awareness to consideration to decision to purchase is something were addicted to. Still 95% of budgets he sees from client still focus the majority of their marketing on Paid Media vs. Earned. A lot of it based on ROI measurements of paid media, at focus on the 5% of users that CLICK THRU, without considering the 95% that may include people like me that form a negative relationship with brands that use interruptive advertising.

A habit ever harder to break as we’ve always been used to working through media buyers and hierarchies, with a stable measurement of ROI

Investment in spurned media and the idea of cumulative value gained from inbound marketing and creating a community around brands should be our new focus. Having 40000 likes on Facebook or 1000s of twitter followers is the starting point for creating value in social media.

We are at a phase in Social Media where it’s OK talk Social Business and integrating is the key. A holistic approach to inbound marketing across SEO, PR, UX, Content, Social Media will be the key to marketing success, and closing the feedback loop. Using data, both qualitative and ‘BIG’ to refine your products. Think ongoing, not campaign, digital brand legacies.
Invest in tools have clear goals.

Before some interesting case studies Antony offered a nice bullet point slide.

6 things successful brands in inbound do:
– Have Management/leadership buy-in
– Clear values and visions
– Principle led actions – articulating how it will look (it’s cultural)
– Methods for piloting and scaling – Framework and governance – systems to connect the organisation, crisis response. – Investing in digital literacy, to educate the whole company

I would love to hear your views!

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