Social Media Monitoring – Understanding the story social media tells #SoConBuzz


@sdljames kicked off #SoConBuzz with an introduction to the benefits of social media monitoring.

Beyond understanding your fans on Facebook and allowing you to hear on twitter discussion around your brand, Social Media Monitoring can feed efficiencies, business value and improve ROI for 3 core areas of your business.

From a Marketing perspective
Users seem to be selling into their preferred network. Using monitoring tools to we can now predict winners of Eurovision, find trends, find influencers and engage with them.
Segmenting to forums, twitter, Facebook, allows you to tailor the way you reach out to them.

Product management Word clouds and sentiment can now provide brands with valuable insights into their products. The “big data” element here, combined or balanced by real world events, which can skew your data, allowing companies to refine their products and offerings to really delight their customers.

PR and Crisis Management
Good social media tools have sentiment triggers, and can be set to wake you up in a crisis. Good brands need decision trees and crisis protocols in place to react. Again with so many touch-points and ways to leverage Social in your business, I ask who owns Social Media? It’s no longer just a Marketing or PR thing, but a tool to drive Social Business.

I would love to hear your views!

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