What Jenson Button’s driving taught me about consistency and marketing

Jenson Button

Jenson Button the Formula 1 driver has a driving style that is very different to his competitors and even ex team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

Contrary to what were told at pro driving schools, do your braking and accelerating in a straight line, Jenson continues breaking right until the apex and accelerating straight after. Lewis and others stamp on the brakes turn in and nail the accelerator on the way out.

Jenson keeps his tyres at a much more consistent temperature. The grip once established is consistent for him and on an overly hot circuit, he can last longer without his tyres going off.

It also means he gets out of sync easily with the pack. Meaning he gets different windows to pit, and be released into fresh air. He can also go longer, or pit earlier on options and stretch out his primes, but I digress.

How does this relate to content marketing?

Good content marketing is a lot like being Jenson Button in F1. These days you need a consistent stream of contact to keep leads warm.

Those that are still very campaign focused, on and off the brakes, with no content calendar – well they may put on a good show, but are they keeping our attention? How much do they need to build it back up each time?

In campaign focused platforms or ad focused platforms you can wow with a showy piece. Conversely, consistent content means you can determine when you release your more important pieces. Lead them into it with notifications. “Don’t miss next week’s big release”. You dictate the ideal time to be released into the right spot in the market. Like Jenson and his pit stops.

Now, he’s not all race wins right. Jenson struggles to warm his tyres on cold tracks, the others get heat into them earlier. He is also constantly on the limit and more prone to locking his inside tyre through the corner, which can ruin his race. Lock it once, badly and it just keeps locking up and sliding until you change tyres.

As content marketers, community managers and social media “gurus” today we are also at more risk. Constantly interacting with audiences, risking friction that could cause the wrong reaction.

Keeping an eye on the ball and not only knowing how our fans will react, but also the wider audience and sadly Trolls or for the unlucky, brand haters.

Give them every chance to be delighted with your brand, but no chance for you brand to be misinterpreted.

One thought on “What Jenson Button’s driving taught me about consistency and marketing

  1. Hello Nick,

    Great blog – and not being a F1 fan, I didn’t realise that Jensen had a different driving style to the rest of the drivers.

    I totally agree with you. These days you need to have a drip-drip-drip of content which is valuable to create a constant stream of leads. I think that there will be still room for campaign led marketing, but on top of the day-to-day interaction.

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