Does your company need a CEO?

Well by that I mean – Chief Editorial Officer!

With so many messages to convey to so many audiences and with such varied media to communicate with, does a brand or company need a senior leader to keep the overall message resonating?

Having a big shepherd muster your content and corral it into the right areas is already a reality for most big online publishers and for many brands that are understanding the benefits of content “marketing”. This analogy doesn’t extend to profit sheering or trimming daggy content, but it could!

But back to the CEO. Whose role is that of curator and oversight of an ongoing content calendar, balancing the messaging and keeping a stock of content at the ready for consistency, news jacking or the unfortunate piece of bad press. The CEO knows not only the stakeholders and their messaging goals, but also mechanisms available.

Spots like:

  • Above the line radio spots for brand awareness.
  • Google Adwords for key recruitment needs.
  • Hyper targeted Facebook messaging for mid funnel sales.
  • Front loaded videos for YouTube pre-roll and back loaded stories for Facebook engagement.
  • Hand written letters to your biggest fans.
  • Snapchat behind the scenes glimpses for brand ambassadors.
  • Or some fun education pieces for your customers.

It’s their job together with their VPs of storytelling to get the right messages heard, seen and remembered.

Generation Y, Generation C or millennials – however you wish to call them – are looking for your Y (spelt WHY). Much more willing to give to a good cause than to give to the man, Gen Y want to hear your story and check its transparent before they fork over their cash.

And with volumes of content ever growing, all ages are looking for fresh content the can trust and admire. So here’s to the CEO and their battle. It’s a new title, but one I hope catches on quickly.

3 thoughts on “Does your company need a CEO?

    1. I’d be honored Dan. I would hope it triggers some interesting conversations. Everyone talks of context in terms of resonance with audiences, but it also needs to fit with the channel or media.

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