5 ways to have the freshest marketing and sales materials

For many, finding the time, source or quality for consistent content marketing can be a problem.

Your editorial calendar might be perfect and you have lined up authors to pen or record videos. Content for each of your buyer personas is scheduled weeks ahead and it is connected to the various stages of the purchase cycle.

Then it all happens. Half the business team that were writing for you get called into a special project. Your top author decides to return to New Zealand and the company switches focus to B2C.

Don’t fret, get creative. Here are 5 new sources of fresh content.

  1. Walk your clients through the creation of your product, the teams involved and the steps taken to ensure quality. Market the unfinished product and give them a behind the scenes exclusive.
  2. Take a deeper look at your vertical. Talk to your suppliers for stories about how your components are sourced. Sustainability, innovation and social responsibility are great stories to tell. Talk to your retailers for moments of great customer service or great product or in-store stories. Like this great weed gun from Kiwicare!
  3. Run a photo contest on your social channels and get your customers to create content for you.
  4. Tap your employees for content, they all have phones too so run a competition, or include it in their KPIs to see who has the best in context shot of your product.
  5. Connect your time sheet tools to a mapping engine to provide real-time updates as to who just got connected, serviced or installed. And if you’ve got an exciting product or service like speed boat rides, include media rights in their liability waiver and record each journey with a GoPro.

There’s a few. I’m sure you can think of more. Think outside the square boxes of your content calendar and cubicle and get creating!

I would love to hear your views!

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