How To Set A Simple Editorial Calendar

With brands having so many websites and social networks to maintain and feed a proper editorial calendar is a must. Regardless of whether you are Redbull or a personal one man brand.

So today I’m declaring DEPENDENCE to my editorial calendar.  With a hat tip to @DanielleMorrill I’m going to do my best to not break the chain of Xs.

This is my rough and ready version but I hope to keep a balance of colours and numbers.

editorial calendar for bloggers

I figure the physical satisfaction of crossing it off my list will be a motivator and having it out on my desk means others can hastle me if I miss a day too.

I’m focusing on two axis for now:

  • Writing to address phases
  • Feeding my key communities

I’ve roughly grouped my posts to 4 phases my blog followers could be in. The Customer Decision Journey – a simple yet powerful tool for organisations thinking about content marketing – is what I’ve used as a base.

  • Attraction – getting eyeballs to your site
  • Conversion –  convincing users that your product/service fits their wants/needs
  • Retention – keeping customers and their attention
  • Advocacy – slippery content that your customers can’t help but share

For now I’m predicting yellow and red to be my main focus – but converting new people to follow my blog and keeping them reading will be the next phase.


And I need posts that are suitable for:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google+

I’m also going to try some new mediums as a third axis later – graphics and podcast to start, maybe videos later on.

Over the coming days I will populate out some titles and balance colours and numbers for the weeks ahead. I’ve decided I won’t need a new blog post every day, but I should be able to add an X for working a post or wait two days and cross off two if it’s a piece of content that takes extra work like a graphic or podcast. Guest blogging will also count as an X.

Which reminds me a coming post will be on sourcing ideas.

Wish me luck!

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