Whom would you recommend?

My biggest lesson of 2017? WEAK TIES ARE A GOLDMINE! TL/DR: The more random and diverse my network — the more my career grows and the more exciting (ad)ventures become. Take thirty seconds to think through your conversations in January. Connect your contacts to someone that could help in the comments below. Your network is your net worth 5+Continue reading “Whom would you recommend?”

Stickers, Scars and ENGAGED Agile Superstars

If they ever perfect teleportation I’ll be a late adopter. Sure it would save time but for so many events arriving or getting there is the best part. Think of the pilgrimages, flying around the Sugarloaf mountain into Rio de Janeiro, or into Manhattan from JFK in a yellow cab. All too often in businessContinue reading “Stickers, Scars and ENGAGED Agile Superstars”

Stop The Nontent – Create Epic Content

You, as a member of my tribe intimidate me. I’m scared into not posting, through fear of as my friend AJ puts it – posting NONTENT. You know, that: meh, blah, filler, “like or share if you agree” type content. I need our connection and the learning I get from consuming your content. I wantContinue reading “Stop The Nontent – Create Epic Content”

The art of simplicity and great customer service – Ken’s Yakitori

Now I’m trying to give this a digital or social media twist, but to be honest, this post is about a great evening and meal at one of Auckland’s best hidden secrets – Ken’s Yakitori on Anzac Ave. With my broken high school Japanese and the help of Google translate – it turns out KenContinue reading “The art of simplicity and great customer service – Ken’s Yakitori”

Digital Project Management and Tuckman’s Phases

Mentoring teams for digital projects and web development can be plain sailing. No, really. The Psychologist Bruce Tuckman came up with the memorable phrase “Forming, storming, norming and performing” back in 1965 to describe the path to high-performance that most teams follow. Later, he added a fifth stage that he called “adjourning” (that others oftenContinue reading “Digital Project Management and Tuckman’s Phases”

Start-Ups – Its About The Expert Staff

The other day I came across Pixellus – a Norwegian company focused on digitization, editing and restoration of customers’ unique and irreplaceable collections of images. They take your old format, films, slides, photos and negatives then digitise them to keep and share in today’s digital world. Pixellus may sound like every other online start-up outContinue reading “Start-Ups – Its About The Expert Staff”

Cold Calls – Please Google Me!

Sorry – a little rant ensues – so please discontinue reading at will. Does anyone else suffer from endless cold calls? I get at least two a day and the latest two technique are real doozeys. Thankfully I have a reception that check and voicemail most. But those that do get through are really bad. ReallyContinue reading “Cold Calls – Please Google Me!”

Marketing The Unfinished Product

Social Media and sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook live and die on human interactions and engagement. They’re built around our human need to be social. Yet over the last few years many inanimate or slightly animate objects have started to appear on the web. “Speaking” and communicating with us. The Tower Bridge – nowContinue reading “Marketing The Unfinished Product”

Notes: Alterian Alchemy and CM7 Launch event

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the UK launch of Alterian Alchemy™ and Alterian Content Manager 7. David Eldrige, CEO and founder opened the event with some great notes on the catch phrase shift to #engagement from open and close campaigns. Although the terminology and systems we use will still focus on campaigns, marketersContinue reading “Notes: Alterian Alchemy and CM7 Launch event”