Podcast 36: Panel Discussion – Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Welcome to episode 36 of the Waiake – My podcast to help you take your brand to new heights online. In this episode I wanted to share with you the wisdom of my three co panellists from the recent Harcourts Real Estate Conference. We talk about digital marketing and using social media to grow your business.Continue reading “Podcast 36: Panel Discussion – Using Social Media to Grow Your Business”

4 tools to help you master B2B social media sales

Earlier this year LinkedIn celebrated reaching 1 million users in New Zealand – or around a quarter of the population. Their growth globally is also impressive at over 277 million members and 2 new members a second. It is no wonder LinkedIn profiles are fast becoming the preferred source of truth – from tradespeople, right throughContinue reading “4 tools to help you master B2B social media sales”

How brands survive in a photo rich online world

View this post on Instagram #Latergram . Throwback to Wednesday's sunset. A post shared by Nick Allen (@nickwallen) on Feb 6, 2014 at 8:54pm PST With the latest Twitter update your stream on desktop and mobile features landscape shaped thumbnail previews of photos. This coupled with Twitter cards for blog posts, videos and many moreContinue reading “How brands survive in a photo rich online world”

Image is everything online. Be it words, images, audio or video.

Image is everything. Conveying the right message to visitors irregardless of the page or area of your website they land on is paramount. Your site needs to sing your brand message. That’s not just through SEO optimised prose, but also each and every media element on your site. Be that images, colour palette, videos, audioContinue reading “Image is everything online. Be it words, images, audio or video.”

Mobile – Our Last Chance to Ditch the Ad Fixation!

Interruption is part of our every day life. We battle constantly to find delightful interruptions to the mundane and to fast forward unwanted disruption. As Neville and I discussed this morning.  Marketers KNOW we fast forward ads, have banner blindness, ignore adwords campaigns and hate popups. So fixated on the ad model, eyeballs and exposureContinue reading “Mobile – Our Last Chance to Ditch the Ad Fixation!”

Tried and true vs. something new on Pinterest

It’s often possible to try something different in beta. Soft launch or A/B test your marketing campaigns and  in fact turn them into iterative waves of content. I’m into residential architecture and my Pinterest board Modern Residential Architecture has been gaining real traction since Pinterest added the “Also pinned to:” feature. From 100 odd  followers last week to 801 today. The site really seemsContinue reading “Tried and true vs. something new on Pinterest”

Co-creation in Social Media, Risky but worth it!

In business and marketing we are seeing a number of co-creation initiatives sprouting up. Partnering on projects, with an upstream or downstream business partner, or even with a competitor for scale, is now common practice. Some lead to acquisitions for the lucky few, and others form powerful networks. I’ve got my headphones on as IContinue reading “Co-creation in Social Media, Risky but worth it!”

Does your website have a patina of conversions?

It’s important for a website, as the main online conversion tool for the majority of businesses, to perform at its peak. Part of that peek, beyond pulling new leads with SEO and SMO or sharing thought leadership, is to convert leads to sales. And having the look of a consistent converter is important. Customers whoContinue reading “Does your website have a patina of conversions?”

Does your brand have a clear crisis management plan?

Each day I hear more and more statistics around the majority of FTSE 100 or Fortune 500 companies getting into social media. The reluctance to allow clients to communicate with brands is being overpowered as it becomes mainstream. Brands that are not on Facebook or Twitter are: At least, feeling the peer pressure. At most,Continue reading “Does your brand have a clear crisis management plan?”

What I learnt from start-ups at #LeWeb

I had the pleasure of attending LeWeb last week and given my focus on B2B and corporate Social Media, I was bound for the Social Business stream. Beyond harping phrases and taunts to the effects of “get social or perish” and evangelising social media – the social business track also offered up some nuggets ofContinue reading “What I learnt from start-ups at #LeWeb”