The end of marketing as we know it!

Through a linkedIn group today I stubled across an interesting blog post on – The End of Marketing as We Know it! Michael Page are (rightly so in my mind) exploring the need for more ‘Digital Savvy’ Marketers. Those that get PPC, SEO, can code or understand that Social Media thing. If you know howContinue reading “The end of marketing as we know it!”

Personal Branding – Your name or an alias?

Social Media experts recommend that your build your online personal brand. Using your own name so that it is easily recognisable and found in search engine. Hence my handle NickWAllen. A little easier to optimise for than Nick Allen, and easily recognisable across all my accounts.  But what about aliases and ghost presences online? AnContinue reading “Personal Branding – Your name or an alias?”

Posterous is Joining the Flock at Twitter

Posterous is Joining the Flock at TwitterBig news: Posterous has been acquired by Twitter!The opportunities in front of Twitter are exciting, and we couldn’t be happier about bringing our team’s expertise to a product that reaches hundreds of millions of users around the globe. Plus, the people at Twitter are genuinely nice folks who shareContinue reading “Posterous is Joining the Flock at Twitter”

How do B2B corporate account followers use Twitter

Recently @towerswatson polled followers regarding their Twitter usage. [tweet!/towerswatson/status/177083781054865408]!/towerswatson/status/177083781054865408 The results are interesting. It is a multi select poll, so users select each of the options that are relevant to them. With moderate reach – so far 60+ responses have been logged. You can quickly see that the majority of users are reading postsContinue reading “How do B2B corporate account followers use Twitter”

Will Foursquare Explore Lure You Back?

This morning I updated Foursquare to the latest Android version and they have pushed out many of the web explore features to the app. Many of my friends have commented that they’re checking in less – unhappy that there’s not enough “deals” in Europe or switching to other platforms like Path or Facebook to logContinue reading “Will Foursquare Explore Lure You Back?”

The Content Strategy Burger

I have been thinking a lot recently of content calendars and planning regular updates. Gathering the next blog post, article, video, infographic and working out a schedule of regular contributors. Two of my passions have combined with this infographic on Content Strategy in the shape of a burger – including special sauce. I found itContinue reading “The Content Strategy Burger”

Email Marketing in B2B

An email from Silverpop got me thinking… With social media came the capacity for everyone to receive / digest updates from their favourite brands in one or all of the networks they enjoy. What place does email marketing have in the mix? Mass emailing is still the mainstay for many B2B firms. Disseminating “thought leadership”Continue reading “Email Marketing in B2B”

For Photographers Starting Out

Through the Lens by davidz I was recently asked what a photographer starting out in social media should do so here’s my starter tips. Networks I’m going to presume that everyone has an account on the four big networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Your profiles should point to your main website and you haveContinue reading “For Photographers Starting Out”