How Social Is Your Business? #iStrategy #mashable

To start off the day Frederick Townes from Mashable asks us How Social Is Your Business?

The reply for most of us was, “Well, we’re trying.”

The notion that we should fish where the fish are rears it’s head, but to take the analogy further, don’t blast round the lake making your presence known and scaring the fish off. Use the right rod, and be selective. Tailor your marketing and interactions to the environment and the individual.

There’s quickening in the industry and each day, competitors are moving faster to engage, and push the industry even further.

It sounds silly, but we just added social to the front of media, it’s still the same principle, reel or funnel your potential clients into wins. With the recent revolutions, there was a workflow around how they used the services available to us. Facebook to plan, twitter to co-ordinate, YouTube to share results.

For us, as content strategist, being aware of all the channels, and their benefits is paramount to leverage the platform’s ability to share our content, and or engage with clients/prospects.

Frederic reiterated – and I’m not tired of the message:

” it’s not enough to just be present, you need to engage, leverage social media. ”

Optimising a campaign for a service like social bookmarks or flickr and broadcasting to them is quite different from how you engage in Facebook.

Brian Solis has a great slide segmenting the services, networks, and web today.


Drinking from the fire-hose was an issue even in old media.
Once working in these areas, it’s hard to filter out the noise, and for that matter stand out.

Digesting what’s relevant, and acting on it will be our new dilemma. The luxury of being able to “structure a response” , “run that by legal” is gone. The opportunity cost of not responding realtime is rising, and with new tools developing, we will have a dollar value to this.

Structuring internally, and empowering individuals to act and engage in social media will be our trial. And from discussions today, it’s a lot easier for startups and small brands, where the CEO tweets, and internal silos are minimal.


Here’s the full deck with some great #infographics and data.…

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